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About RVH
About RVH

The Royal Victoria Hotel offers you the perfect base from which to explore the region and welcomes you with warmth, friendliness and a determination to make your stay as pleasurable as possible. Enter the Royal Victoria Hotel and relax as you pass through the attractive reception are with its grand oak staircase and settle into its peaceful atmosphere.

The Location
The Location

Dominated by the grandeur of the Snowdon massif, Llanberis is flanked by two lakes, LIyn Padarn and Llyn Peris, and is one of the most popular mountain tourist centres in the National Park. The lakes, the forests and the remains of the huge Dinorwig slate quarries have been blended together to provide something of interest for young and old, whatever the weather.

The Weddings
The Weddings

A superb location, with splendid views of Snowdonia’s mountains and lakes, the Royal Victoria Hotel will do all it can to make your special day perfect and one that the happy couple and guests will always remember. Set in 28 acres of grounds, complete with their own castle, the hotel’s gardens provide just the place for your wedding day photographs. Inside, the elegance and grandeur of the early Victorian architecture combines with the efficient, friendly and courteous service of a modern hotel.

Our Bingo Night Fundraiser – How to Organise One

Full House to get a prize, Eyes Down Prepared.
Everyone wins using a Bingo Night Fundraiser!

We just held our own amazing bingo night, and would encourage our guests to do them same. It was incredibly fun, and you can do this to raise money for great causes! Bingo in forms or a variety of shapes is popular throughout the planet. The game is interesting and simple to organise, and is overall a truly sociable game. That makes it a great fundraiser for schools, churches, sports clubs or another non-profit organisation. What is more it also can be a fundraiser parents do jointly with children.
What’s Bingo?
At its very simplest bingo involves someone calling some arbitrary numbers generally found on balls or small tiles chosen from a bag or with a bingo machine. Players have cards including a set number of amounts. They are able to cross it away if your number is called which matches one. The first to cross off each of their amounts (called a full house) wins.


The best way to organise –
A bingo night is ideal for just about any organisation planning to hold a social event that’ll also raise capital. As with all the finest fundraising ideas money making that was other components may be added across the fundamental notion.
Locate the right place for the Bingo Night –
This obviously depends upon just how a lot of people you believe you are going to bring to your own occasion. Social clubs, school halls or church halls are perfect. And because of this, you should factor in catering facilities as well as a pub should you need one most bingo nights includes some type of refreshment.
Hint: If you’re employing a school hall site do please ensure that there are a lot of seats the perfect size for grownups!
Bingo Evening Food –
This may take many forms according to the facilities at your site as well as the culinary skills of your group. It’s better to incorporate some type of refreshment yet to produce an actual night of it. Frequently tickets for the Bingo Game may be sold to contain some sort of meal.
Things which can be cooked by volunteers ahead of time and after that reheated at the site are perfect. What about:
— Curry
— Chilli Con Carne
— Bolognaise
— Soup
If the place permits yet you might want to be a little more daring or join the bingo with something such as:
— Vegetable Soup
— Fish and Chips
— Chicken Fry
— Pizza
In case your bingo night fundraiser was related to holiday or a particular day you could obviously contain that motif, for example Irish Stew on St Patrick’s Day or something related to sports tournaments like Soup Bowl for the Super Bowl etc.
Drink – be it soft drinks, booze or straightforward teas and coffees you’ll have to offer some kind of beverage. With booze occasionally it’s easier to possibly offer food but enable the site to provide the bar. Another easy alternative would be to really have a BYOB (bring your own bottle) system; this can also allow you to get around licensing demands. Do not forget to say this on advertisements and your tickets.
The Bingo Cards –
Bingo cards are easily bought from or on the Internet charity supply businesses.
It’s overly easy yet to make and print your own using a grid system that is simple. 10 – 14 amounts per card is not paranormal. Most bingo sets use numbers 1 to 100.
Select your numbers carefully to include an excellent spread on the card. It’s common to keep matters in numeric sequence as you proceed across or down the card. Some individuals want to buy cards that are additional and you will be marking off several at once so this keeps things simple.
To get a variation that is very affordable and simple you can also just provide players using a pencil as well as a clean grid. Prior to each match begins they can then fill within their very own lucky numbers.
Hint: Should you are doing this its interesting to get individuals to swap cards at least once throughout the evening. Confounding or helping your neighbour with unlucky or lucky numbers leads to a lot of good-natured banter!
Whatever cards you use have a lot of pencils available for visitors to work with.

The Bingo Caller –
Deciding on the best Bingo Caller will make or break and is essential. That is not a job for shrinking violets! You need someone pretty important but who can likewise make the event good natured and enjoyable.
It’s not unusual for the caller to take a seat in the front. One by one call and they pull numbers from a bag of utilizing or tiles a bingo machine. Balls or these tiles are then put on a grid for checking cards that were winning. To the bag all the amounts are returned at the beginning of every game.
Bingo Lingo – In the event the caller uses specific calls for specific amounts it’s conventional and significantly enhances the fun of any Bingo Night. Professional bingo callers develop their very own patter and you will have special favourites.
It’s possible for you to locate all of the conventional calls with this list that is convenient but feel free to integrate or devise your own.

The Bingo Games –
The fundamental game is, the very first man to cross off or cover each of their amounts wins. That is named “House”. The very first player to call “House” has their amounts checked off from the Caller and wins a prize.
It’s standard yet for smaller prizes to be given inside the sport.
First “Line” is given to the initial entire row.
“Corners” is given to anyone finishing all four corners on their card.
It’s best to just contain every time to any of these add-ons. Declare it at the beginning of every game.
How many rounds / matches it is possible to play in a evening is determined by how many your caller as well as players. A typical match with 100 amounts will usually take around a quarter-hour before a winner is available. Have a lot of spare cards for additional games in substitute and the most effective thing would be to be adaptable.
An excellent general format to get a bingo night is-
— 3 – 4 matches – 1 hour
— Refreshments and raffle to 1/2 hour
— 3 matches – 45 minutes -1 hour


DSC06334-bTo get some practice in before your big event, check out www.OnlineBingoFriends.com for Safe & Secure Online Bingo Gaming Sites.
Prizes – This depends on the type of your occasion and is actually up to you personally. Most charity bingo occasions are yet played for the fun of it and your prizes should reflect this.
Humorous prizes can increase the success of the evening. School pencils for instance make excellent non-serious prizes for winners of corners and lines. You might want to ask for donated prizes ahead of time or purchase in things that are appropriate.
The Best Way To Generate Income From Bingo Nights –
It’s possible for you to bill for the evening in a variety of manners. Some organisations refreshments and prefer an all in cost for the evening that will have a card for each game. Others would rather bill per game. Consistently provide the the choice of buying additional cards as a means of improving the takings of the night.
Do make sure all of your other fundraisers that are normal, including items available, are on offer throughout the night. A raffle can also be a must and is an additional little bit of pleasure for the midst of the evening.
So would you believe a regular bingo night is a little? Put on a
Blingo Evening
All of your players must come dressed up to the nines on the very best evening wear, in glamourous and way an excessive amount of jewellery.
Ensure that you give fitting prizes to the Queen of Bling!
So there you’ve got it. It’s comparatively simple for almost any organisation to put on although a Bingo Night Fundraiser will possibly never make you a fortune. Just as much as anything it’s an excellent reason for getting folks together to get a fun comfortable in support of your cause.
Eyes Down!!

Wedding Fair Crazy!

This past Sunday we held our first ever wedding fair…

wedding-629424_1280and my oh my, did a lot of you turn out! Over 500 budding brides and grooms came to the hotel to see what UK based vendors had to offer, from flowers to food, to rings to ruffles, everything under one roof, and it went down a huge success!

We spoke to one couple who had just under two months to organise their wedding, and managed to sort everything they needed in under 3 hours!

“This fair has been great. Being the most unorganised couple ever, we decided to leave near enough everything to the last minute!” said Lucy, Bagnor.


“We never realised how much planning went into weddings, but coming here when we did was a smart move, there was so much we were missing out on! It’s more than just the dress and the disco afterwards. You have to think about flowers, food, wedding favours, invitations and stationary, accessories, just loads!” she continued. “We even managed to sort out our wedding rings from the Orla James stand. They were super helpful, and said they could get our rings done in just over a week! That’s a loads off, as we completely forgot those too!”


Another couple were amazed by the bridal fashion show that we held to support the event. “The dresses were stunning, it’s great to see what local designers are putting out there. There’s so much choice these days, but seeing some of their best work gives you a good starting point for something that suits you perfectly” said April, Chester. “I wouldn’t go as far to say I’ve seen ‘the one’ dress I’m after, but it’s definitely convinced me to go with a local bridal designer. I think they’d be able to provide me with something a lot more original and bespoke.”


“The fair has been incredible for my business” Local Florist Simon Appleby exclaimed. “From a business point of view, it’s great to put up a stand and for people who really are genuine about what they want to come and see you, and ask questions. It’s given me a real outlet to give my thoughts and opinions over selling a bunch of roses on Valentines. People actually want to hear your ideas, and you can work with these people to give them what they want and what would work best. Events like this are saving local businesses.”


So by the sounds of things, it looks like the event was great for not only the couples, but our local businesses too. We’d also like to thank the couples who booked their wedding dates with us, and look forward to celebrating and creating memories that you’ll cherish forever.


Want to find out when our next wedding fair is? You can sign up for our monthly newsletter, or get in touch with us using our free online contact form! For any enquiries regarding our wedding packages, you can use our contact form also!


A superb location, with splendid views of Snowdonia’s mountains and lakes, the Royal Victoria Hotel will do all it can to make every conference a great success and one all delegates will be pleased to remember.
This site shows exactly what the hotel has to offer and is designed to help conference and meeting organisers to plan successful events.
Conference hall
HotelRestaurantconferencesweddingsmap of hotels locationReservation of hotel roomphotographs of snowdonia and North wales
Equipment and services available to meeting organisers are:

¨ Overhead projector ¨ Flip charts, easel, pens and pointers
¨ Carousel 35mm slide projector ¨ Private “Conference Organiser” office
¨ Projector screen ¨ Secretarial services
¨ Television monitor (a 182cm projection TV is available) ¨ Technical support
¨ Video (VHS) ¨ Room-by-room controllable heating
¨ Direct dial telephones in the three
main conference rooms
¨ Standard 13 amp electrical outlets throughout
For further information, or to discuss special requirements,
please contact the Sales and Marketing Manager.

The advantages to delegates of interesting and possibly adventurous activities during busy conferences is now recognised quite widely – and the Royal Victoria Hotel is in the centre of one of the leading areas for outdoor activities.
We will be pleased to advise you on facilities available for team building events, mountain walking expeditions, rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, windsurfing, windsurfing and white water rafting.
All activities are run by experienced leader/instructors and the cost includes instruction and hire of all equipment.
The hotel is surrounded by 30 acres of landscaped gardens and woodlands providing excellent space for team activities and other challenging projects.

Many larger conferences choose to hold a dinner (formal or informal at the organiser’ discretion), traditionally on the last evening.
The Royal Victoria Hotel is ideally suited to staging such an event and the largest room can seat up to 160.
Menus can be created according to organiser’ individual requirements, however, the Royal Victoria Hotel has a range of special occasion menus which we will send to you on request.

… And After Dinner
If it is the last night delegates could let their hair down and dance their way into the small hours at a conference discotheque complete with a private bar.